Monday, Apr 11, 2016

When I opened my balcony doors this morning there was a strong, cool breeze blowing. This has got to be the coolest day we have had since arriving in January. It has been raining each of the last two nights, and this morning with the breeze and cloud cover it feels great!

Easton and I headed out to meet up with our bootcamp group. It was so nice to have a cooler breeze blowing while I tried to keep up! It’s been an interesting experience for me working out the last 3 weeks…it feels like it’s getting harder. Over the last two weeks, I know the mornings have definitely been the hottest and most humid they’ve ever been since I started working out here. I thought this was the issue.

Today however it was cool, almost pleasant, but I feel like I can’t muster up the strength I need to power through it. I do make it through, but there are some exercises I literally can’t find the strength to get it done. I do my best.

It really becomes a mind game for me. I can observe myself running, doing burpees, sit ups, whatever…and I have to fight the judgments and comparisons. I can look at others who are more flexible, faster, who don’t look like “how my body is feeling”, and then start having critical thoughts that usually end with “what are you doing here?”

Obviously that kind of inner conversation is no bueno! This is when I have to kick in a different approach in what I am seeing and what I am saying to myself.

First I have to eliminate any focus on time and wanting it to be over. I hurt, it’s not fun, and I’m spent, but I know our workouts don’t last longer than an hour. I know I can do about anything for an hour without dying. So instead of thinking how much longer, I just focus on what I am doing in the moment and know that time will manage itself.

Second, I focus on moving my body how it needs to move in order to do the exercise. I focus on lifting my knees while running, or bringing my knees to my elbows while doing sit ups, or keeping my feet together while jumping. I focus on what I can do, and I do it.

Third, I make statements of declaration. “I got this, I can do it, I am healthy, I am losing weight, I am getting stronger”. When I do this, the comparisons stop because I’ve changed my focus.

What I find interesting in changing my mindset as I’ve described, is that the word focus showed up in each action. What I focus on is what creates my reality. Nothing changed…the people in the group are the same, the exercises are the same, the time is the same. Nothing changed, that is, except what I chose to focus on.

I think I can make my life harder at times because my focus isn’t where it needs to be. Do I focus on what isn’t or what is? Do I focus on what’s sub-par or what’s great? Do I focus on what I’m not getting done or what I am getting done?

When I moved here my focus was on getting into a regular exercise routine. Another focus I have is to engage where I can in the lives of my sons, who are now men in their own right. So I have been working out regularly for a couple of months now. And I don’t do it alone, but I’m with my younger son Easton. It’s something he and I do. It’s special to me because of that.

Where is your focus?  Is it where you want it to be?

I can’t end this post without sharing about a great dinner we got to enjoy tonight with Norbert and Glenys, and their two sons Tyler and Rylan. Norbert cooked a fish called Skate, which is the wing of a manta ray. Absolutely delicious! He also cooked tenderloin making it a surf and turf delight. Of course I never get enough of Glenys’ homemade caesar salad…so good. Heidi made and brought her gluten free pumpkin loaf, topped it with some vanilla ice cream, and it was heaven. Thanks Norbert and Glenys for inviting us over for a really great evening!

I am a blessed man who gets to spend time with so many wonderful people and do cool things in my life. I have top notch family and friends, see interesting places, and do fun things. It’s funny how I can sometimes look at one thing and forget about all these things. Focus.