Tuesday, Apr 12, 2016

Heidi and I took our dog Keeper to the Vet today in San Vicente for a follow up on her skin, and to have him look at her foot which she has been licking a lot. Keeper doesn’t do well outside in the heat so we made sure our taxi had AC. I think it’s funny that I will get into a cab without AC here for me and not really care one way or the other, but with my dog I make sure she has it.

I shared that thought with Heidi and she reminded me she likes AC too. I think I was being subtly told that I don’t make sure the cab has AC when just she and I are out and about. Ooops…I believe I may have just jeopardized my nomination for husband of the year. In all fairness, Heidi doesn’t start panting heavily and make gagging noises when she gets too hot. 🙂

At the Vet we met this nice 33 yo young guy from Switzerland who was already in the waiting area when we arrived. He had brought a street dog in for some chemotherapy for a tumor it had. The guys name is Werner and had a total free spirit, earthy energy about him. We started talking and eventually I asked him why he was in Ecuador. He told me to work on his dream, to which I then asked what his dream was. He told me it was to build a center for meditation and spirituality to bring all people together, which he was building. Wow, that was cool!

He also told Heidi and I about his dog. It was actually a street dog his friend took in, but when the friend left the area Werner adopted the dog, or maybe the dog adopted Werner. At any rate they liked each other. What the dog didn’t like was going to the Vet, or maybe just being taken somewhere the dog didn’t want to go.

Werner explained that when he brings the dog to the Vet, the dog fights him and actually bites him. Werner had bites on his arms and legs and I could see them while he told us this story. The dog was currently in his car outside (windows down, breeze blowing, dog is ok) while he waited his turn for the Vet.

When it was his turn Werner stood up and started doing a little up and down jump and shaking out his shoulders, similar to a boxer getting ready for a fight. He was talking out loud saying, “ok, I will go get my dog and bring him in.” The Vet however said he was going to see Keeper first because the procedure for Werner’s dog would take much longer. The Vet did however, go out to the car and managed to very quickly and almost unnoticed by the dog, give him a sedative. I thought this was great because now maybe Werner might win his “fight”.

Keeper is doing great. Her skin is improving, and the Vet sprayed some antibacterial material on her foot. She is still on antibiotics from being sick and we are continuing them for a few more days. We go back on Thursday for a follow up.

Easton and I went to Spanish class today and it felt good to be back in class. We missed most of our classes last week because we were in Puerto Lopez. Class went well. We spent a lot of time listening to our teacher speak Spanish, we dictated, then answered questions about the story he dictated to us back to him in Spanish. It is fun and painful at the same time.

After Spanish it was pretty hot and we got an invite from Roy and Melody to come swim at the pool. We went over and pretty soon there were several of our friends down at the pool and we were all laughing and having a good time. Roy and Melody invited us over for Chinese food when we were done.

The breeze had picked up and made for a great temperature as we enjoyed dinner with them on their balcony. I love Roy’s stories and that dude has a lot of them! He and Melody are really wonderful to be around and they made us feel so welcomed in their home. We even got to enjoy some real Keurig coffee which we haven’t had since we left the States. FYI, Melody is selling her Keurig Brewer and the zillion coffee pods she brought down here with her. I can verify it worked great and made one great tasting cup of coffee!