Friday, Aug 9, 2019

Sorting Through

I’ve spent the week going through things to sell, give away, or throw away for my continued preparation and move to Colombia. I don’t have a lot, but even so, I have stuff that hasn’t been used since we lugged it to Ecuador. Even some stuff I bought here hasn’t seen the light of day in over 2 years. This is how accumulating crap happens.

It’s easy to do, especially if you have space to store it. Don’t you think so?

I’ve come across two old printer power cords. I mean, just because a printer dies doesn’t mean its power cord isn’t any good, right? Uugh. The process of saving “parts” becomes so flawed in the actual execution of using those parts in the future. How often does this happen for you?

I came across a couple of old I pods. There is nothing wrong with them in their current condition, which is excellent by the way. Their use however becomes another issue. I tried to download the Spotify app and I couldn’t. I needed ios 10 point something and these I pods only were 5 point something. I tried to do an update but it wouldn’t take. It’s hard to throw nice shiny things in the trash. Sigh.

Magic Ladder

The neighbors have been doing some repairs and minor construction projects. I’m glad they are, because it gives me something to look at out my windows when I don’t want to work…which is often. I took a pic of this guy trying to fix the security light that is attached to, and in, a big tree.

It may be hard to tell, but that ladder is not leaning against the tree. It goes straight up in the air under the protruding light fixture. It isn’t magic though how it suspends itself.

Notice the two bamboo poles wedged against the ladder? Uh huh, that’s right.

One end of each bamboo pole is wedged into the ground while the other end of each is tied to one of the rungs of the ladder. Just for safety (wink wink cough cough), the guy at the bottom of the ladder is holding it steady. Ingenuity is the father of invention folks.

And if you think that is crazy, look at this pic my friend Shawn took. This truck is loaded with three levels of propane gas tanks and it is just a little too tall to make it under the wire crossing the road in town.

We can only hope it was telephone cable and not a power line that guy…on top of 150 propane tanks…is holding onto.

Tick Tock

My days left in Ecuador are numbered. I am hoping for some good beach days before I leave the country where I have had such incredible experiences.

I did luck out and got this sunny day. The dog seemed to be enjoying it too.

I am going to miss this!