Monday, Mar 28, 2016

We got Keeper’s biopsy results back and it was a benign adenoma on her leg. That was great news! She still has a growing black spot on her neck. It is right in the fold of her neck so we will keep using the anti-fungal cream for a bit longer before we worry. Other black “fungus” spots on her seem to have gotten smaller, so we will see.

Heidi took Keeper to one of her friends who helped give her a haircut. 20160328_155442-1 It’s a bit punk rock or maybe gremlin-like. You can decide. 🙂

Easton is in Cuenca today with Tjaard and Gabriella. They took the 11 pm bus last night and arrived mid morning. Heidi and I are trying not to be jealous that Easton gets to see Cuenca before we do!

Cuenca is a large city with a beautiful historic old town area, many museums, churches, symphony halls, art galleries and other cultural attractions. It is in the mountains and the weather is cool. Heidi thinks it sounds wonderful compared to the heat and humidity we have been dealing with here. I keep asking her where the ocean is in Cuenca. 😉

My days are finding a routine, and I am exhausted and ready for bed by 9 pm. My daily routine is definitely different here, but my ability to stay up late hasn’t changed. I still struggle to stay awake after 9 pm.

It is a pleasant life here.


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