Friday, Aug 16, 2019

Two Weeks

In 14 days I will be flying out of Ecuador to live in Colombia. It would be a lie to say I 100% know what I’m doing moving there. I don’t. What I do know is that living here isn’t working for me anymore, and when I was in Medellin I enjoyed the vibe, so it’s time.


Part of what has changed for me here is that I’m lonely. As much as I love living in my place on the beach it is easy for me to isolate, and be out of the flow of activity with other people. Netflix has become too close of a friend. She and I need some time apart. 😉

Isolating also creates a problem learning and engaging in Spanish with others. My plan when I get to Colombia is to plug back into school at Colombia Immersion for some private Spanish lessons. While I was there I was taught most of the grammar, now I just want more time engaging in conversations that use the breadth of it.

Dorm Living

I’ve rented an Airbnb room for a month not too far from the school. During the month of September I will be looking for a place to live with a longer term outlook. I feel good that the right place will show up for me. This is going to be a new adventure, and remembering that helps me be excited about this move.

I have sold most everything I wanted to sell. For the rest, I plan on donating or finding people who can use the stuff. Anything left after that will hit the trash bin because in the end, I am not taking it with me. I enjoy the feeling of freedom not having stuff to weigh me down. Do you know that feeling?

Fuck the Stuff

“Stuff” is a big deal in the lives of so many people. The space it consumes is way beyond physical. There is an energetic piece that takes up emotional and mental space in the psyche of a person. Think about that closet, filled with stuff you have been wanting to clean out. When you think about cleaning it out, how many times have you said, “I just can’t deal with it right now”?

Isn’t that kinda weird? It’s just stuff. Logically it is something you either use or don’t use. If you aren’t using it why do you keep it? And the next question is, even if you might use it at some time in the future, will you remember you have it? With the stuff I have accumulated in the last 3 years, I can honestly say I didn’t remember having much of it when I saw it this week.

So here is to ridding ourselves of “stuff”! When I can free myself of stuff I create emotional capacity and mental space. I am able to allow new things to come into my life. Leaving Ecuador with only two suitcases is part of the process for me to create space for all that Colombia may have to offer.

Beautiful Space

Last night I had the emotional space to take in a rare sunset during this time of the year.