Friday, Aug 25, 2019

Get’n My Tan On in Olon

The Pier in Puerto Lopez

I had two sunny days this week. I think that is a record for this time of the year here in Olon.

The first sunny day I spent on the beach in Olon. It was a great afternoon soaking in the rays with friends. The next day, even sunnier than the one before, I went with my friends Shawn and Teresa whale watching.


Watch’n Whales

It is whale season here in Ecuador. From late June until the end of September, the Humpback whales are swimming, splashing, and breaching just a couple of miles out from the shore line. With a quick ride in a tour boat out of Puerto Lopez, you are front and center with these gigantic mammals.

But first, a flock of Blue Footed Boobies wished us luck as we headed out to sea.

I can’t say this was the best whale watching tour I have been on since living in Ecuador, but we did have fun. We sat in the back of the boat, and with the angle of the waves hitting the boat, we were soaked from the sea spray. Fortunately we had full sun that day so although wet, none of us were cold.

Out and About

These are just some quirky things I am going to miss when I leave Ecuador…

I was in Montanita and I watched this guy try to thread a wire through the knot of tangled wires at the top of the pole. It remains a mystery to me how they can possibly know what wire goes where.

I was with friends this week enjoying one of my last visits to cocktail alley in Montanita before I leave.

This vendor (below) wasn’t having nearly as much fun as I was. Who can sleep on cocktail alley? There were three bars/clubs behind this guy all pounding out their own selections of music. Impressive actually that he can tune it all out.

In Olon this week I watched these guys work on this building while I waited for the bus to take me home. Who needs an electric lift when you have muscles to send stuff up 3 stories?

The guy at the bottom had to shovel concrete into the five gallon bucket, then hoist it to the guy waiting at the top. I suspect the guy at the top is in management, for as little work as he did in this process. 😉

Have a great weekend.