Wednesday, Jan 4, 2016

I woke up…back in Cuenca.  As a welcome home present the city is ablaze in sunshine and blue skies this morning. Where I live, with the river and green space all around me, the sun brings out the beauty of this place. It’s going to be a great day!

Before we left for the coast we had pretty much emptied our place of food, so first thing on Heidi’s and my agenda is to go to the grocery store and restock. It was a pleasant and warm walk to Supermaxi for the two of us. When we entered the store Heidi pulled up her list and we were on it.

It’s Wednesday so all produce is 15% off. Supermaxi offers discounts like this throughout the week. I think on Fridays all meat is 10% off for example. The first area you hit in our Supermaxi is the produce section so we began to get those things on our list.

I never really shop here on 15% off produce Wednesday; I guess since we normally get these things at the farmer’s market. As I look at the long isle of produce in the cooler I’m starting to get stressed. There are so many people here buying their produce it’s hard to maneuver to the different sections of the cooler.

It’s 1:00 pm and the stock has been heavily picked over and wiped out in many instances. I stood back and looked at the activity and it reminded me of locusts on a corn field. The spinach was emptied out, the packaged sliced mushrooms were gone, only one of this or two of that, and then swoosh…emptied by arms and hands grabbing and sacking in a flurry. Seriously.

Maybe I shouldn’t have come shopping today. I’m still in coastal beach mode and nothing moves this fast there. Fortunately we were able to find most of what we needed and moved on to the rest of our list. It wasn’t too long and we were finished, out the door, in a cab, and back home. Phew!

Heidi had a massage scheduled this afternoon for her hip and IT band issue. While she did that I walked around the surrounding neighborhoods and explored. What is interesting about the neighborhoods in Cuenca is that down any side street, or in any couple of block section surrounded by otherwise busy streets, you can find the coolest houses and restaurants. 

Looks like a great vibe inside

I stumbled upon Puerto Monje on Luis Moreno Mora y Cornelio Merchan. It was closed but what a great little corner bar and restaurant to have in your neighborhood. I wish it was open because a cold beer would taste really great right now.

Parque de la Madre

Tree Art at Parque de la Madre

parque de la madreAlthough I have walked around and even through Parque de la Madre several times I really never stopped long enough to look at what is in it. Since I had nothing but time to kill I meandered around and noticed the cool wood carvings in this park. What made them so cool to me is that they were actual trees, still planted in the ground that must have died or a decision made to “repurpose” them into totem pole-like wood carvings.

What a talented person who did this.

parque de la madre

Wood Carved Trees at Parque de la Madre

It’s been a good day living in Ecuador.