Friday, May 31, 2019

So where did the month of May go? I’ve been back from Colombia for two months now, and the time continues to speed by much too fast for my liking.

Cuenca Connection

My friend from Cuenca, Aurobindo, came for a visit this week. I am always happy to see him. Auro has a great perspective on life that allows him to embody a very tranquil presence.

I can only hope some of that rubs off on me. 😉

He also brought the sunshine with him!  The weather has been hit and miss here, but when Auro arrived, so did the sunshine. It made for some phenomenal sunsets.

One particular sunset was especially stunning. The clouds in the sky were varied and interesting in both texture and color. I swear one cloud formation, in the center and to the left, looks like a giant bird swooping through the evening sky. Take a look…

Wild Child Village

We took a trip to Ayampe to visit a place called The Wild Child Village. Auro knows the architect of this retreat center, and wanted to check out this truly amazing bamboo structure. Brett, the owner, gave us a tour of the property and it was nothing short of amazing. It’s all eco friendly and the vibe fits well in the comuna of Ayampe.

Yoga, meditation, plant medicine ceremonies, and much more can be found at The Wild Child Village.


After our tour that day, we continued one town north to Las Tunas. We enjoyed a fantastic fresh seafood lunch on the beach at D’Jinmy. Don’t miss the great food served here. If you drive into Las Tunas from the main highway going to the restaurant it can look a bit plain. Trust me though, the food is anything but. And of course, the view can’t be beat!

Restaurante D’Jinmy (below)

Beach view at D’Jinmy’s

Here’s to a great week!