Friday, Jun 7, 2019

A New View

This week I find myself living at the home of friends who are in the States visiting. They have a very sweet dog, Mimi, who I am keeping company. And I guess, Mimi is keeping me company too. She is a very sweet, and totally chill, roommate. 🙂

The home I’m staying at is located between where I live in San Jose and Olon. So for me, it is an easy back and forth when I need to get supplies “de mi casa”. My friends’ home is also on the beach and has great views of the ocean. This week we had some more days, or at least evenings, of sunshine so I was able to enjoy a couple killer sunsets from the roof top terrace.

I haven’t been doing much of anything outside of teaching and coaching. I have found myself taking more naps than usual. Not sure if it is the wine or my age. 😉 When I have been out and about though, I snapped some pictures of things that caught my attention.


This horse standing in the river was one of them. It is hard to see the horse but I love all the shades of green and different textures that surround him.

This donkey in Curia had been walking on the main road and randomly criss crossing, causing the cars to have to stop or swerve to avoid him. He has been doing this for years and is entirely unphased by the whole thing.

I got my haircut in Manglaralto, and when I was walking to the appointment, I passed this bird in a marsh by the river. Notice its reflection in the water.

Moving Forward

All in all it has been a great week. I am very blessed to be able to experience all that I do in Ecuador. I love living here on this beautiful coast. The beach is one of a kind. It is hard for me to imagine it not being a few steps from my back door when I move to Medellin.

What keeps me committed to moving is knowing each location in the world offers unique and incredible experiences. Soon, I will be heading to the next one in my life. It will offer what it does, and my job will be to learn how to experience it in the best way for my growth and happiness.