Friday, Sep 7, 2018

Trip Home

I am traveling in the US now visiting family and friends. It is my first time back in almost 3 years. I certainly enjoy seeing my family and visiting with friends. I cannot honestly say I miss everything else. Being back is nice of course…shopping, restaurants, ENGLISH…lol, but the pace and the “things” are more than I want to deal with.

I have spent some time on the pacific ocean beaches in California since I arrived. I love the beach, and it is a totally different perspective of the same ocean I enjoy in Ecuador. So many houses lined up next to each other, pushing right up to the shore line. It feels a bit frenetic as people jockey for their place along the beach.

Walking for miles on the beach and not seeing anyone else is not a reality here. It makes me realize how unique, even spectacular, the experience is for me on the stretch of beach between San Jose and Olon. I am blessed to live where I do.

I had some apprehension about returning to the US. I wondered if I would recognize how much I miss living here and would want to leave Ecuador and return to the US. I do miss the people in my life who I could see whenever I wanted. Not being able to do this is a bummer about living so far away. I do not miss much of anything else though. That is a satisfying feeling to me.

I’m only in the middle of my trip, so maybe I will feel differently by the time I return. Right now I am focused on connecting with those I love, like, and miss seeing after so much time living in Ecuador. This part does feel really nice.