Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016

Chase and Easton ditched Heidi and I today. Can you believe those guys? Actually Heidi was taking a nap and I was working at my desk when I heard Easton say, “Hey Chase, let’s go grab a coffee”. So they both decided to go into El Centro and find a coffee shop…without us.

No matter, a little later Heidi picked up her cane and I grabbed my walker, and Chase and Easton’s parent’s shuffled over to Monte Bianco, the ice cream store and coffee shop by us. We are completely capable of going out on our own for coffee, no kids necessary. 😉

This was a good opportunity for us to try the coffee at Monte Bianco. We love their ice cream, and that is where we got Easton’s birthday cake which was fantastic. When we bought the cake there, we saw they had an espresso machine so we knew we had to try it.

Coffee for Two Please

Cappuccino for Two Please

I had a regular cappuccino and Heidi had one with chocolate. Basic cappuccino is $1.60 and with chocolate or caramel is $2.50. They were both very good and now we know we don’t have to go into El Centro for our coffee if we don’t want to.

Ice cream is big here. As we sat inside and drank our coffee the place was a constant flow of people lining up for ice cream cones and bowls of multiple scoops of frozen goodness.

Just around the corner from Monte Bianco, in the same building, is a new place called “Honey”. I thought it was a store that sold honey. When we finished our coffee, Heidi and I stopped in to see what it was about. Surprise…no honey. The logo is a honey bee over looking over the word honey, but this place is a burgers and milkshake joint.

There was a very nice older Ecuadorian woman who greeted us. What do you want to bet her name is Honey. She told us her milkshakes are her specialty. We told her we would be back to try them.

Chase and Easton showed up at the house around 6 or 7 pm and we decided to all go over and try a cheeseburger. When we arrived “Honey” was still there and she wanted us to try the milkshakes in addition to the cheeseburger, but none of us were that hungry.

They do have a pistachio milkshake that I want to try at some point. But for now I ordered a cappuccino, because low and behold they have an espresso machine too! When it rains it pours I guess.

The cappuccino are $2.00, the cheeseburgers are $3.50 and I don’t remember what the price of the milkshakes were. I’m glad we have a close option for food when we don’t feel like cooking. Since we have lived in Ecuador, it often seems like all we do is cook and wash dishes.

So much for the exotic and romantic imaginations of South America. 😉