Saturday, May 7, 2016

We made an appointment for Monte, our fostered and loved dog, to get groomed. After living at Otorongo for a week, both he and Keeper could use a good bath. He has been a good sport about living with us while Don and Donna are away in Canada. He is so easy tempered and just loves to be loved on.

Our appointment is at 10 am so we thought we would just head out of the house 20 minutes before and catch a taxi into El Centro, where the groomer is located. This proved to be a bit more difficult than I anticipated. As we flagged one taxi after another, they would slow down and when they saw Monte would speed away. Really? I was just about to permanently mark this down on my “Reasons I Don’t Like Cuenca” list, when a taxi driver did stop and picked us up.

While Monte was having his “spa” time, Heidi, Easton, and I went to breakfast in El Centro. We ate at the same place we had breakfast with our friend Annette when we arrived in Cuenca. Today I ordered the Banana Oat pancakes. They were good but didn’t hold a candle to the one’s Linsley made at Fika’s in Bahia. And yes, I miss Bahia and everything about it and everyone in it. (I honestly think I am going to have to go to therapy to work this through).

Walking through El Centro was nice. The buildings are architecturally interesting, have unique colors, and I always find some new detail or new building I missed from seeing them previously. We ended up at an area called San Francisco market. We bought blankets here a few days ago and today we spent more time looking around.

Easton found this very unique shop, behind the vendor booths on the street, inside a building, and behind what looks like a hidden door. I really don’t get why it looks this place took pains to not be noticed but it was fun and colorful inside. Easton had only found it because a woman on the sidewalk talked him into following her into the tucked away shop. We followed him and as we stepped into the shop it was alive with color, music, and dance. Take a look for yourself.

As we walked around the market we saw this older woman weaving baskets. She was very friendly and happy as she sat and worked her craft.

Older woman weaving traditions old baskets

Older woman weaving traditions old baskets

She makes me smile

She makes me smile


And we picked up Monte…muy guapo perro!