Friday, Dec 9, 2016

I am really fortunate to have my son Chase here or I think I would have given up on the running thing. We run at 9 am M,W,F and around 8:45 am on those days a certain kind of dread sets in and I tell myself, “Nope. Not today. It’s not going to happen”. The next thing I know I hear Chase say, “Well Padre it’s almost 9, are you getting ready?” Uuugh. It is however just the push I need to get myself out on the trail to run. I’m a lucky man and dad to have great sons.

Heidi found an excellent massage therapist for her shoulder! I’m really happy because she felt immediate effects in pain relief and increased mobility after only one session. Lately Heidi has had a hip issue going on too and that is now much better.

The body is a funny thing. One area out of sync causes other areas to follow suit. It just emphasizes the importance of taking care of issues when they present themselves, whether it is the body or “life”. Judging by the results Heidi got from her massage, this masseuse knows her stuff. Her name is Jerri Elena Ridley and her contact info is email: and phone: 097 901 4909.

I had more coaching calls today, so I was home working while Chase, Easton, and Heidi were out playing. Poor me. 😉 Totally kidding because this is not work to me. Today was the last paid-up session for one of my clients, and he told me at the end of our session he is budgeting me into his personal finances for the foreseeable future. He is getting results. I appreciated that feedback.

Another one of Chase’s friends from the Peace Corps arrived today. Her name is Kelly and she will be here for a week or so before going to the coast and meeting up with Michelle. So far I have met four of Chase’s Peace Corps friends as they have traveled through Ecuador. Each one has been a pleasure to get to know. There is obviously a common personality trait of people who volunteer in the Peace Corps., and it’s one I like.



It has been a good day. Now it’s time for dinner, a glass of wine, and for me to count my many blessings.

Cheers…I mean Chau.