Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

I spent the day writing and coaching. I did go to the restaurant next door for an almuerzo, and after that I didn’t make it out of the house until 6:30 pm, when all of us left to go to meditation at the OM Healing Center, 516 Avenida Paucarbamba y Tomillos.

Our friend Auro leads it and tonight is his last session for awhile. He is going to Canoa for a month to help with the continued earthquake relief effort there. Canoa will be about an hour from where we will be staying over Christmas, so Auro is planning on meeting up with us on Christmas day.

Did I ever share with you I went to a week long meditation retreat a few years back? We woke up in silence, meditated for an hour or more, ate in silence and then meditated some more. It was the quietest I have ever been in my life.

The week wasn’t in total silence but the emphasis was on being present and not speaking. No one spoke during meals so we could focus on the flavor of the food, the smell, and the texture. The food was incredible by the way; all organic and vegetarian. It was a healthy week of mind, soul, and body. I highly recommend it!

After that retreat I continued a meditation practice for several months, only 20 minutes 3-5 times a week, but over time I stopped. Thinking about it now, I really miss the incredible peace I found when I was in regular practice.

I enjoyed Auro’s meditation class. It was peaceful, relaxing, and helped me remember how much I enjoyed meditation. It wasn’t a perfect experience. My mind wandered to conversations I had earlier in the day, things I needed to do when I get home, and how this bacon cheese burger I had for dinner is sitting in my stomach right now.

Meditation takes practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, and then the more you get out of it. It isn’t different than the practice of anything we do. Life is actually a practice. When I approach life in this way, as a practice, I am always in the place of a learner. As a life long student I am available to so much more than if I live as though I have all the answers.