Saturday, June 18, 2016

I am almost finished uploading the blog posts I had written during the days following the earthquake in Bahia. I can’t believe we are two months and two days out since the quake! It seems like so much has happened since then. It’s important to me to get the days following the quake posted to my blog, and it has been a great frustration, because of inconsistent internet access, I haven’t been able to.

I don’t just need internet for uploading the written words, I need it to upload pics and videos too. When we make our trips to coffee shops to use the wifi, I begin to upload a video and it takes so much bandwidth that no one else is able to reasonably use the internet. Pages take several minutes to load if they do at all. I usually abandoned the upload.

Well we now have our own internet for the first time since the earthquake! No more internet-gypsy for me roaming the city for a signal. If I use all my own bandwidth I only have Heidi and Easton to contend with, not a cafe full of strangers. Oh the relief!

Heidi and Easton went out today to do “an errand”, wink wink. Father’s Day is tomorrow so I have an idea what kind of errand it is. Lucky me! While they were gone I took Monte to the park to let him run off leash. He loves to run and I’m happy he can play. Unfortunately it began to rain, and then pour, and then downpour.

I tried to get him back on his leash so we could get home and out of the rain, but Monte thought otherwise. He was having great fun getting just close enough for me to think I could grab him, then jump to the left or dart to the right out of my reach. This went on for a good 20 minutes. In the mean time we were both soaked. Oh yeah, I decided it would be a good idea to leave my house without my raincoat. You just have to love the weather in Cuenca…and I knew better.

Anyway, he did finally let me catch him and we made it to our front gate just in time for the rain to stop and the sun to come out. Did I mention how much I love the weather in Cuenca? There is good news here. After we both got dried off, I went into the kitchen to check on my homemade chili that I started the day before. It has been cooking for 24 hours and smells fantastic! I can’t wait for Heidi and Easton to get home so we can eat.

I also had hooked up our propane heater this morning, so I cranked it up and let that warm radiant heat warm me and Monte up. This may be the best purchase I have made since being in Ecuador. Most of my day has been spent indoors but I have been productive.

Heidi and Easton made it home and they brought fresh bread to have with the chili. We dished it up, topped it with shredded cheese, headed to the couches in a room warmed with our heater, and enjoyed a movie.

No complaints. Life is good.