Friday, Apr 12, 2019


I spent some time on the beach in Ayampe this week. At the north end of Ayampe the river empties into the ocean. It is a favorite hang out for the pelicans. I don’t know if more fish wash up into this area, but something is keeping these big billed birds hanging out in this spot. They don’t move when people walk by either. It seems they aren’t afraid to let the tourists know this is definitely pelican turf.


I walked north and found myself on a beautiful stretch of beach between Ayampe and Las Tunas. What an awesome place to be. There is literally no one on this beach. I love the solitude I find here.

The ocean is like bath water.  The crash of the cresting waves provides fun entertainment swimming in the surf. When I get tired I stretch out on the sand and soak up the sun. This is truly a rare place to find oneself, and something I need to remember to appreciate.


Of course the beach in Montanita is pretty spectacular too. I went out to the point to just sit and watch the water crash on the rocks. The brilliance of the sun reflecting off the water, the blue sky above me, is something I never get tired of seeing.

My week has been filled with walking and swimming at the beaches along this beautiful coast I live on. The time is coming soon when it will be covered with heavy clouds for nearly six months. Each day is a gift and I am trying to fully embrace it, and I want to remember that each day is a gift for me when the sun is unseen too.