Friday, Apr 19, 2019


Me, Lucero, and Antonio

I had a couple of guests this week. They are friends I met through Couchsurfing who are riding their bicycles through South America. Antonio and Lucero are from Puebla, Mexico. They began their journey from their beautiful colonial city in central Mexico five months ago, and have now reached the coast of Ecuador.

They stayed with me for 2 nights. It was a great opportunity to be back in “Spanish only” mode. I felt like I could understand their accent better than the Spanish speakers in Colombia, or even here in Ecuador. Still, I had had to ask them to repeat and repeat. They were patient though, and eventually I understood what they said.

Things That Weigh You Down

Ready for the Road

Antonio and Lucero each carry 70 pounds of gear on their bikes as they travel. They had already traveled the Sierras of Ecuador…Quito, Otavalo, Banos, Vilcabamba, Cuenca. I can’t imagine biking up some of the mountain terrain with my own weight, let alone an additional 70 pounds.

While they were here we did talk a little politics, causes for immigration and issues people face, and of course “the wall”. I find that it doesn’t matter if I am talking politics with an American or a Mexican, I find the whole conversation ultimately distasteful. So I offered them some pitahaya fruit (dragon fruit) and changed the flavor of the discussion. Seriously.

Antonio and Lucero headed for Salinas after hanging out on the beaches of Olon and Montanita. Salinas will be their last coastal stop before making their way to Peru. The two of them will be biking South America for an entire year. You can follow them on their blog The Bicycle Can Save the World

Things That Lift You Up

The weather continues to be phenomenal! I found myself in Puerto Lopez having lunch on the beach. A $3.50 almuerzo of freshly caught battered fish. It was outstanding. As I sat and enjoyed my surroundings I noticed the colors of the hammocks against the blue water. I love color in life.

And the sunsets have been nothing short of amazing. Here is one I think you will enjoy.