Wednesday, Nov 9, 2016

I was at my desk bright and early this morning. Chase was already up because he had to leave the house by 6:30 am to complete, and receive, his tourist visa today. I on the other hand got to drink my coffee in peace and quiet. Well, it started out that way anyway.

I noticed I left footprints on the tile floor when I walked away from my desk. It was from water. I started looking hard at the tiles and I could see water in some of the grout lines. Water had accumulated under my desk.

I followed the water back from my desk and ended at the couch next to an interior brick wall of the living room. I moved the couch and found an accumulation of water. It looked like it was coming from under the wall. I followed the water at the wall joint, and behind a large hutch I found a 4 foot wide, round water spot on the brick wall itself.

It’s obvious there is a pipe leaking inside this wall. We haven’t used our washer, which is on the other side of the wall, because we had a pipe problem a few days ago that caused water to leak into the landlords place below us.

At first the water was turned off for the entire building, but then a plumber came and determined the leak was only from pipes that drained water from our washer. Looks like he was wrong.

The plumber was supposed to be here this morning, but didn’t show up until 3 pm. He chipped through some tile and got to a pipe, but it isn’t leaking. He left and was supposed to be back at 5 pm, but he never showed up.

The good news is we have running water available in our apartment. The bad news is we can’t use our washing machine, and Chase and Easton have laundry to do. Today though, the maid for the landlord said we could use their washer downstairs. Have at it boys!

I was supposed to bring my phone to SmartRepair this morning to get fixed. Because of the water problem I emailed Mateo and asked if I brought it by at 2 would he be able to fix it? He replied he would try.

When I arrived at 2 pm his place was still locked up for lunch, but within only a couple of minutes Mateo arrived. I handed him my phone and he told me he wouldn’t have it finished until tomorrow. I asked him if he had the part and he said yes.

I told him I really needed my phone today and asked if he could have it ready before he closed at 7 pm? He said he would try. I left him my phone and then walked to the bank in another part of El Centro to pay our medical insurance premium.

When I left the bank I wasn’t feeling like my phone was going to get fixed today. I decided to walk back to SmartRepair and tell Mateo if he couldn’t fix my phone today, I would bring it back tomorrow. Sure enough, it wasn’t going to even be worked on until tomorrow.

I guess since I came in the afternoon instead of the morning he started working on something else. He and I agreed to meet at his shop first thing tomorrow morning, and then he would be able to have my phone fixed the same day. Maybe three times will be a charm. 😉

It is another beautiful day in El Centro. I walked through town toward the bus stop that runs along 12 de Abril, down the hill from El Centro. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could see that my bus was stopped, and waiting for the light to change before it pulled way from the bus stop.

I ran across the footbridge that arches over the Tomebamba river, zigging and zagging around people who are walking way to slow for me to get stuck behind. Luckily it is a long light and I made it to the bus before it pulled away. I’m glad because this bus only comes once every 30 minutes and I didn’t feel like waiting.

Fresh coconut ice cream cone

Fresh coconut ice cream cone

When I got home the plumber had just left. I needed a treat after running around so I suggested the ice cream store next to us. It was the perfect treat for a hot, sunny day.