Friday, Apr 7, 2017


I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by. It seems like only a couple of nights ago we were in Montanita at Savannah del Mar for dinner, but it has been a full week already. It was the first time for us to visit this beach bar where dinner is a Brazilian BBQ of sausage and chorizo, sirloin, pork ribs, chicken, and garlic potatoes. It’s all cooked over open flame and is truly a meat lovers delight.

time together

Time Together

Our dining music was the rhythmic bass of the waves, each swell falling in a crescendo onto the beach, and only 50 feet from where I am eating. What a great South American night!

Beach Time

Honestly, it is hard for me to fully take in the spectacular views of the ocean and its beach. Two things I get to enjoy every day. Although I love having my feet in the sand, I don’t even have to be on the beach itself to enjoy it!

work time

Easton practicing knots

Work Time

Easton is headed to Alaska in a couple of weeks to find a job on a fishing boat for the summer. He has a contact there, our friend Michelle. She is helping Easton connect with Skippers and other people who may be able to help him secure a position.

In the mean time he has spent a lot of time on YouTube watching and learning about working on a fishing boat. This even includes how to tie the right knots. We went to the hardware store the other day to have some keys made, and Easton just sat out front with his rope practicing his knots. I love this kid.

Writing Time

I wrote a “Postcard” for International Living (IL). If you aren’t familiar with them, it is an online magazine focused on people becoming “expats” and living abroad. I have to admit, the idea to live abroad was planted in my own brain by a subscription I had to IL Postcards. That was more than 10 years ago.

What I have come to believe about IL since then, is it leans heavily toward a one-sided picture of how great life is living in far away and exotic locations. It’s not always great, not everything is affordable, and there can be some major inconveniences. I told the editor my concern about this before I wrote anything to submit. He told me that the “Postcard” section of the magazine is meant to pique people’s interest and get them thinking about what life might be like living oversees. It intentionally focuses on the “good” aspects of overseas living.

Fair enough. It seems to have piqued my interest more than 10 years ago, and look at me now…here I am. I believe it is important to keep things real though, and maybe a “Postcard” doesn’t have the space to share the good, the bad, and the ugly together, but my blog does. If you have a friend that is only reading travel magazines like IL, maybe suggest they tune in here too. I try to present a fair picture of what it is really like to live in a gorgeous, non-first world foreign country…with not only its ups and downs, but mine too. 😉

Learning Time

Chase, Easton, and I had more Spanish classes this week. We had a different teacher and when asked why, we were told that we were ready for more advanced learning. Really? Maybe Chase and Easton are, but my brain is still reeling from our last set of classes!

Have you ever had dreams where you are clinging onto something, fingers slipping, and if you let go it means certain death? Well welcome to my experience in Spanish class. This week though we intentionally had class every other day, instead of daily. It was the only way I was going to be able to hang on.

Play Time

“Our” dog continues to come by and visit us. We are calling her “Mama”, named after a lovable dog we met in San Clemente last Christmas who would follow us around the town. I was able to get some pics of “our” Mama to share with you.

play time

Just call me Mama…

Out of Time

I want to write something insightful but it’s not in me today. I have been rigorous with my schedule this week. I’ve committed specific time each day to studying Spanish, work on my ebook, write, exercise, coach, and do Pharmacy CE for my license renewal. It seems like I should have plenty of time each day to do all these things, but it feels like I barely can get it all in. Why is that?

What I know to be true is that we all have the same 24 hours each day to create the life we want to be living. For me, I live in the tension of creating the life I want to be living, while remembering to enjoy the life I have. Can you relate? I believe this tension is universal regardless of who you are or where you live.

How do you feel about this tension? As I reflect on it now this comes to my mind…plan the routes, be present in the moments, and enjoy the journey. Somehow thinking about my “schedule” in these terms makes me feel lighter, and not so weighted by the tasks at hand.