Saturday, Feb 13, 2016

Heidi has been making some new things for us to eat. Yesterday she made this Chia cold cereal with organic cacao, milk, strawberries and bananas. It was really very good. Then she has bought raw milk, pasteurized it, mixed it with a yeast start and made yogurt. For dinner, she made a really tasty salad that included fresh beets, some kind of delicious white beans, and other fun stuff. I don’t feel like we suffer in the food department here!

We went to Mi Comasarito to get a few things we needed, grabbed a taxi back to our condo, and then realized we had left our Hydroflask water bottles in the lockers at the supermarket.

When we left the supermarket the security gate buzzed when I went through. I thought that was weird but the security guy standing there just waved me on so I didn’t think much about it. I now realize it buzzed because I had the key to the locker in my pocket!

Anyway, it’s very hot here today, a lot of people using their AC and fans, and the power just went out in town. So we decided it was a good time to walk back to the supermarket instead of taking a taxi, walking on the malecon that runs along the river, to go and get our hydroflasks.

We have never walked to that supermarket, always have taken a taxi, because it seemed like a long ways. It really isn’t. When walking there it’s actually a shorter distance than driving due to the layout of the streets. The taxi has to over shoot the market and come back around. It was nice to see the sailboats on the river too while we walked.

Walking back we stopped in the park and sat on bench in the shade. The breeze was blowing off the ocean and it felt so nice. We stayed there until we saw the power had come back on, then we continued home.