Friday, Feb 12, 2016

I feel a lot better today. I was in my condo almost the entire day yesterday… learning things on WordPress, reading things on building my internet business, reading my email, reviewing my brokerage accounts, surfing news.

It was too long being inside, and too long doing one thing…being on the computer. It is not good for me mentally. Things start to close in on me and I get discouraged. I start worrying about all the things I don’t know how to do in order to get where I want to be.

What started the spiral was looking at my brokerage account. More loss. I start to focus on it. I run down this rabbit hole and the result is always the same…I end up broke. It is ridicules…and in those moments it is very real to me.

This is what I realized today as I was working out at the beach. I am living in a beautiful foreign country with my family, doing things I want to be doing…learning Spanish, living and participating in a different culture, exercising, eating well, having time to read, to have conversation, to connect with interesting people.

I know I have written about this realization of mine before. And my point is that by not focusing on this important reality of my life, I severely hamstring myself.

Here is a truth: What I focus on is what sets up my mental, emotional, and physical state regardless if it is real or imagined.

It’s just that basic. If I choose to focus on loss, like my brokerage account and the imaginations of the subsequent rabbit hole,  I start losing in every area of my life! I lose my mental energy to continue to create, develop, and bring cool things into my life…and into the lives of those I love.

I lose my optimism, and fear becomes my core emotional state. Instead of becoming larger and expanding my positive influence into the world, I shrink. I hide. Physically, I lose energy to exercise, to take care of my body, to stay strong and healthy.

And all this loss happens by focusing on the wrong thought, letting it grow and become something it is not. Crazy fucking shit, right? It’s just a thought…but it’s a wrong thought and it’s getting my focus.

My mind is a powerful instrument that can create and can destroy. It can help me create myself and the world around me into something fantastic, or it can shut me down, shut me up, and close me in. The choice always becomes mine…what am I focusing on?

Can you relate?