Friday, Jul 15, 2015

One of our favorite places to eat, and the only one that is close to us, is closing for six weeks while the owners go on vacation. So today we met Scott and Colleen at Popacuchu’s for lunch because we wanted to introduce them to the fabulous soups they make.

We arrived at noon and they only had two bowls left! I guess people had started calling in yesterday for take-out of the soup. Since this was the last day they would be open for a while there was a “rush” on the soup. Heidi and Colleen had the soup,and Scott, Easton, and I ordered other things, which were also good, so no complaints.

There is a pizza place that opened today that is basically across the street from us. We went to order a pizza for take out tonight and see if it was good. While we were waiting we talked to the owners, as best we could in Spanish, and learned they are from the coast.

We suspected as much because the decor in the place is all sailboat, seascapes, and colors of the beach. This couple had lived in Manta when the earthquake hit and moved to Cuenca afterward. The man, Claudio, loves the ocean and plans on going back in a year after the shaking stops. His wife is Columbian and is very sweet.

The chicken pizza we had wasn’t the best I’ve tasted, but we will give it another shot. Since this is the only place for food close to us, convenience may override my discriminating pizza palate. Another plus for them is that they are dog lovers, and own a Great Dane named Zeus.

We had walked over with Monte to get our pizza, and initially we were hanging outside the door talking to them. They told us to bring our dog in and sit down while we waited for our pizza to be made. How can we not support them with this attitude? 🙂

Change of topic. A coup in Turkey? Really? How does that news make you feel? Does it add to your sense of instability and uncertainty in the world? Does that thought create a flicker of fear inside your body? For me it increases my resolve to begin having different conversations, and look for places I can be involved in, that will bring healing, understanding, and new stories into our world. If it isn’t us, then who will create the change our world is in need of? Baby steps.