Monday, Jul 11, 2016

Had a good Spanish class today. We are being made to write full sentences with the words we have been taught. It taxes my brain so I think it’s a good thing. Plus, when the instructor goes around and checks our sentences she corrects and explains some of the more subtle points of using the language.

I went to get a haircut this afternoon and when I arrived the place didn’t have electricity, so I was told to come back. I assumed it was just a local outage and it would be on soon. This place is close to a Tia market and the Feria Libre Mercado so I went and picked up some things while I waited.

When I went back, the shop was locked up. I looked around and all the businesses next to it had power, so I think maybe the guy just didn’t pay his bill and it was turned off. At $4 a cut I guess it may be hard to pay all the bills. At any rate, I still need a haircut. Maybe tomorrow.

20160711_193836Heidi made some homemade pizza dough, and she and Easton made a BBQ chicken pizza for dinner. It was pretty awesome! Someone got a little carried away with the jalapenos though and my mouth was on fire. No worries, that’s what cold beer is for. 😉