Sunday, Dec 4, 2016

It’s been a quiet day. I went for a long walk along the river. The water is still low, but there is a lot more water in it lately because of the rains we have been having. When I headed outside the sun was out in full but within a matter of minutes heavy clouds blew in and it became overcast. Still, it was nice to be out and walking in nature.

Lily on River Bank

Sole Lily on River Bank

Heidi sent me a text while I was walking that we needed some bread. After my walk along the river I headed to Mega Tienda to pick some up. I forgot how busy Mega Tienda can be. I stepped into the store and the cash registers are the first thing one sees. Everyone of them is filled with a line each so long they disappear back into the aisles of food. Hell no!

I decided I would walk to Supermaxi and get what I needed. I have gotten to know the area around my house well and I can weave and cut through quiet neighborhood streets like a pro. It is a much better experience than walking on the main through-fare streets filled with buses leaving a trail of black exhaust behind them, and listening to the taxis honk their annoying horns at anything in front of them.

As I turned the corner in one of these neighborhood streets I ran into this guy. He wasn’t yielding and let me know it. This sidewalk was his, so I walked around him.

Who's the Chicken?

Who’s the Chicken?

When I got home football was about to start so I settled into another relaxing Sunday afternoon with Heidi and Chase.