Friday, Jan 25, 2018


Summer has finally arrived in Ecuador. It’s hot. I’m sweating. The sun is out, and I couldn’t be happier. The beach is beautiful, the sunsets are phenomenal, and I am a lucky man to be part of all this right now.

Beach Finds

I have found some interesting things on the beach the last few days. The first thing was a huge sand dollar, by this beach’s standards anyway. It is almost fully intact. This is a rarity. Usually sand dollars this big on the beach just wash up with large pieces missing.

The other find was a piece of pottery. Again usually the pieces that wash up are just the size of a post-it note, and washed smooth on all edges by the sea. I found this lip of a jar or container. It appears about one-third of the ring of the jar. This is most likely from the Valdivia period of indigenous people on the coast of Ecuador. This could date to 3500 BC. Amazing. Pieces of this type of ancient pottery wash ashore regularly here, usually just not this big.

Guests Arriving

I’m really not a “saver” of things I find on the beach. However, summertime isn’t the only arrival for me here. My sister Lori and brother-in-law Ron are due in today for a visit, so I thought it would be fun to show them these in case we don’t see them while I have them caminando en la playa.

This will be the first visit I have had of any of my extended family since moving to Ecuador. I appreciate my sister and brother-in-law taking a leap of faith to visit me here. I mean how bad can it be for them, right? Just take a look.

I’m on my way this morning to Guayaquil to pick them up. Looking forward to a fun week!