Friday, Oct 13, 2017

Easton’s Arrival

Heidi and I went to Guayaquil to meet Easton at the airport. After a summer of commercial salmon fishing in Alaska, and a visit to Seoul to see his brother, he is back at the equator. Heidi and I were nervous immigration wouldn’t let him back in. You know, those pesky visa rules that seem to keep changing.

Heidi, Easton, and I all had our visas issued back in early 2016 before the “new” rules went into effect. Basically the old rules allowed us to be out of country for 90 days each year for the first 2 years. Under the new rules I understand you can be out of the country 180 days each year. At any rate, Easton was out of the country about 175 days (this included his 30 day trip to Brazil last summer). Although we were assured he fell under the new 180 day rule,  Heidi and I waited a long time outside International Arrivals, and still no Easton in sight.

I have to admit, I began to wonder if immigration was turning him back because of the days out of country rule. Maybe they were holding him to the “old” rule? Finally we saw him come through the arrival doors into the main airport. Phew. Heidi was one happy mama…and I admit I was a happy papa.

Easton and his mom

Easton and his happy mama

Easy Re-entry

He told me when he came through immigration no one gave him any grief, or counted the days he was gone, or otherwise did anything obvious about scrutinizing his time out of the country. He also was not asked for any proof of medical insurance.

I’m just sharing my anecdotal story on immigration to let you know what happened this week to Easton coming into this country through Guayaquil. The process he experienced could change tomorrow. It could have changed with the person before or after him. Ultimately this is Ecuador, and you have to plan for things being handled in different ways by different people…at any time. Part of the fun living here. 🙂

Maintenance and Machetes

Speaking of living here, my internet went down this week…again. It wasn’t too long after the outage I heard guys outside my place. When I looked out I saw the utility guys hacking at the tree branches hanging over the power lines. I’m glad they do this. It is a necessary maintenance. I guess it is all the “other” reasons the power goes out on the coast that drives me a little crazy. At least these branches won’t be causing me a problem. 🙂

I am impressed though how well these guys wield machetes! I didn’t get it on video, but there were sizable branches on the ground that this guy hacked through like a stick of butter.


Montanita Dreaming

Last time I was in Montanita I got a pic of this giant dream catcher now hanging over main street. I wonder who made it? What do you think the intention was for it hanging right here?

Dream Catcher under cloud cover…

…and when catching sun rays

Just Relax

I am a bit off this week. I’m not feeling the zest and zeal for my blog. I’ve put a lot of myself into this labor of love since arriving in Ecuador. This week I can’t find my spark, so I’m going to just accept that. Some days are not my best, but it isn’t every day.

These days don’t last forever either. Everything changes, moods get better. Today I just need to breathe and relax; enjoy the sunshine that Easton seems to have brought with him to the coast. I’m a thankful man for my family and my many blessings.

And today that is more than enough.