Tuesday, May 24, 2016

From the sound of it during the night it rained pretty hard and continued into the early morning. Lying in bed I was happy it was raining as first light began to break because I suspected there would be no Zumba and associated loud speaker and music starting at 6:30 am. I was right. Ahhhhh.

Our place still doesn’t have internet hooked up, so after enjoying our morning coffee we got dressed and headed to Popacuchu’s. Great tasting breakfast, more coffee, and free wifi. We discussed what our game plan is going to be. Do we stay in Cuenca or do we move back to the coast?

I believe we all want to move back to the coast. What we don’t want to do is keep moving. If we left for the coast now we would have to move into a temporary hotel situation until we found a place to rent. After moving into our place in Cuenca, and realizing it isn’t going to work for us long term, we are gun shy to move into anything long term that doesn’t meet all our requirements. So, it becomes an unknown when we would find this “perfect” place on the coast.

The alternative is to stay in Cuenca. We would move out of where we are now into a place that better suits us and not sign anything longer than a six month lease. During those six months we keep following up on potential rentals on the coast. If we find something that works, then we leave Cuenca early. If we don’t by the end of six months, we bite the bullet and move back to the coast, even if it is somewhere temporary, and keep looking. It seems like either scenario leads to at least one extra move for us.

What we do know is that we’re tired of living in an unsettled state. Even when we arrived in Bahia, we rented a place for three months while we were looking for a more permanent option. So although we were comfortable and enjoyed where we were, there has always been a sense of unsettledness humming in the background since we have been in Ecuador. The earthquake just complicated the whole thing for us.

Our search today for coastal rentals wasn’t turning up anything that was filling the bill for us. I admit we have some requirements…size and feel of the town, availability of services, safety of the area, price, size, and condition of the rental. The price we pay for having this list is the time needed to find it. Still, it would be nice to find a place we enjoyed and could remain put for a year.

We are going out tomorrow morning with our realtor Daniel to look at a possible place for us in Cuenca. We have also put some feelers out with other realtors as well. We have a week until another month’s rent is due, so hopefully something will turn up before then.