Friday, Oct 14, 2016

I watched some workers lift a glass window pane up to the top floor of the condo building across from us. I was trying to decide if anyone would dare do this in the US. I kept thinking law suits if the rope broke or the men let go, and then all of the damage and potential loss of life that could occur. It really isn’t a big deal what they were doing. I’m just used to seeing cranes do the high lifting.

Hey I don’t think I told you about my son Chase. He heard back from his job application with US Aid. He made the cut! Now it will take a few months for them to check out his references and do his security clearance check. This is a great opportunity for him to help in developing countries, and work with local governments on best use for US Aid money sent to their countries.

reflections of myself

Future Foreign Service Executive Officer Chase Gorishek

He also found out that he had perfect scores on the three-part interview process in DC- written portion, individual interview, and group interview. The person who told him this said he hadn’t ever seen that before.

Heidi was quick to point out the recent study that said intelligence is transmitted through the maternal genes. I of course spoke up and told Chase he has my winning personality. He just looked at us both and told us he is certain he was adopted. Just kidding. He was very gracious and said he has great parents. I’m very proud of him and the work he pursues.

We had an almuerzo lunch at Papardelle restaurant today. They had a fantastic broccoli soup, then mashed potatoes with a beef stroganoff in a brown mushroom gravy. Much of the meat was tough, which is very typical of the beef here, yet some of it melted in my mouth. The mushroom sauce was crazy good.

During our lunch there was a gringo couple having lunch with another gringo, who we know has lived here a long time. I suspect the couple was on a visit and he was showing them around. We overheard the couple tell the owner that their meat was tough, wanted it sent back, and replacement dinners brought out.

I get it, but you aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto. Plus, the lunch is $5 and comes with a glass of fresh juice, a nice size bowl of soup, the mashed potatoes and beef, and a good size piece of cheesecake dessert. ONLY five dollars.

Anyway this is good for me to see…because it gave me an opportunity to see myself. It isn’t the almuerzo for me, but maybe it is negotiating the price of produce or a flat of eggs at the market. I have my “losing sense of the big picture” stuff too. Seeing my crazy “gringoness” reflected in the things I see other gringos do helps me to take a step back and say “oh shit”, and then do better in how I operate in this country.

Life is filled with opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow. We just have to be willing to look.