Saturday, Oct 15, 2016

There is another tattoo convention in Cuenca this weekend. I was a little cautious about it because of the last tattoo convention I went to, which was a big disappointment. This one is being held at the convention center at the Mall del Rio, so right off the bat, the venue should be better.

We walked to the mall and decided to check it out. Tattoo artists from all over the country were gathering here this weekend to show their ink, and tattoo the willing. The cover charge to get in was $5.00, and when we went in, the large room was filled with booths of tattoo artists. The majority were from Quito, a few from cities on the coast, and I only saw one from Cuenca.

I want to get a tattoo but each year passes, and I still haven’t done it. It seems so permanent, and I feel a lot of pressure to find that image that is exactly right for it to go on my body…forever. Then having the perfect image, who is the perfect artist to do it? And how much will it cost for him or her to do it? I know the cost in the States was high for the artists I liked.

I walked around and watched inked up artists create images of zombies, flowers, and various designs on arms, thighs, calves, backs, and chests. A plethora of skin canvas for these men and women to manifest their creative and artistic expressions. It was fun to watch and see.

Tattoo Work

Tattoo Work

Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Ink

tattoo lotsa ink

Lotsa Ink

Well, I didn’t get my tattoo today. I’m going to think about it some more…maybe next year. 😉

Before we left the mall we stopped for an ice cream cone from Tutto Freddo, one of the best ice cream stores in Ecuador. As we were sitting on a bench eating it, a train drove by. What? First time I have seen this, but it drives around the mall with its passengers inside. It actually goes pretty fast and there are people walking around not expecting a train. I forgot about it, and later as I was walking to Corral, it came buzzing around the corner and I had to get out of the way. Only in Ecuador. 🙂