Thursday, June 30, 2016

We had our second Spanish lesson today. There are now 14 people in our class since a few people moved to the other session. We spent time practicing pronunciation of consonants and vowels by reading aloud paragraphs with words that emphasized particular letters. They were constructed like “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore” using Spanish words. I remember doing that kind of thing in first grade. Oh boy, is this a full circle moment in my life?

Heidi and I met Pam and Eddy for breakfast while Easton headed home to check on Monte. I guess Monte was barking and pretty freaked out when he got home. Heidi figured out what is going on with him. They are constructing a park next door to us and at various times there are big trucks loading or unloading boulders and rocks. The sound and echos of the rocks rolling out of the dump truck or being dropped into it sound very similar to what we heard during the earthquake. I’m sure Monte gets beside himself when that happens, because my heart still skips a beat when I first hear it. The effect of the earthquake persists for all of us in some ways.

20160630_16313420160630_163141We took Monte and Max for a walk and Monte is doing better being around his grande Husky cousin. On this walk we always pass a nursery. Each day Heidi picks out one or two plants, along with a pot and dirt, and then the local Ecuadorian woman who owns the nursery pots the plants and flowers for her. One of us carries the potted plant home on the return half of our walk. Easton was with us today so he got to get the workout. It is amazing how heavy that potted plant can get by the time we reach our house.

I am having a problem with the clarity of the picture on my TV, related to the dish reception, and I am paying for 8 MB of internet speed and only getting about 3 MB. I called ETAPA (our provider for both) yesterday and muddled through with my Spanish. I was told that if I called after 7 pm, I could speak with an employee, Alexandria, who speaks English and could help me. I did that and she wasn’t working and no one was able to help me.

This is how things go here. I’ve noticed for other things I have been told to come back on a certain day or at a certain time and when I do, usually what I need isn’t available. It feels like service people here are good at just “turfing” you so they don’t have to continue dealing with any issues or problems you may be having. I think this also happens in the US, but my disadvantage here is not knowing the language well enough to call people on it. All isn’t lost however because Pam, who speaks Spanish, is going to meet us at ETAPA tomorrow to help us get our concerns addressed.

My son Chase is on his way back to Guyana after his interview in DC. It was only a two day trip but the interview went well so hopefully he has a job secured. He will find out the first part of August. His last day in the Peace Corp is tomorrow. He and his friends leave Sunday for a three week trip traveling through South America down to Rio where he is volunteering for the Summer Olympics. Easton is flying in to meet him in Rio and stay the month with the group.

I think you are current. Thanks for reading.