Wednesday, June 29, 2016

20160629_13204820160629_132014We enjoyed lunch at Popacuchu’s today. The three of us went there to have the homemade soup they make daily. Popacuchu’s soups are some of the best I’ve ever eaten, and they run out each day so you have to go early. The place is close to us, and when we just need to get out of our place it is easy to get to. It seems to be more of a gringo hangout than locals, but I appreciate when I do hear Spanish being spoken at a table. There are some gringos who eat here who have their Spanish down well enough to speak it with each other while they eat. Very cool. I can’t wait until that is us!

ChaseI skyped with my son Chase who is in the Peace Corp in Guyana. His end of service is this Friday. He has been in Guyana 27 months working with the locals, and helping with education and health projects in the local community. Today he interviewed with US Aid for a job which will take him to foreign countries working with locals to successfully implement programs using the aid received from the US government. There may be an opportunity for him to work in Ecuador as well. Who knows how it will turn out, but I am excited for his prospects for the future and proud of him for the service he has completed.

I am working on getting my life coaching practice back in order. I spent most of my day getting myself plugged back in to my resources. I like everything about being in this type of conversation. It is where I thrive. Everything about myself feels on point when I am immersed in this study and practice, connecting with others in meaningful ways.

Thanks for being with me on this journey. I appreciate it.