Thursday, Oct 13, 2016

Our day started off with a great gringo breakfast of biscuits and gravy at San Sebas. Going out for breakfast is unusual for us because Easton and Chase make awesome eggs, bacon, and fried potatoes with all the fixings. Heidi makes a great yogurt filled granola, raisins, fresh fruit, protein powder and honey, or she makes banana oat pancakes filled with all kinds of healthy and extra good ingredients. Since it is Christian’s last morning here, we decided take him to San Sebas to try the biscuits and gravy, and break him back into Norte Americano mode.

When we finished we headed over to San Francisco market for him to get some more alpaca blankets to take home for gifts. While we were walking around we came across two separate protests in El Centro. I have to give the public and the police credit here, the protesters are very civil with the police, and the police work hard to manage the traffic around the protesters.

peaceful protest el centro cuenca

Peaceful Protest

 Semi-modern Panama Hat Machine

Semi-modern Panama Hat Machine

Before we left El Centro we stopped in at the Panama Hat Museum. Heidi keeps telling me I should get a hat, but I just don’t see the practicality of wearing one on a regular basis. I did try a couple of them on, and they feel comfortable and don’t look bad, but maybe a little too Humphrey Bogart for me…sweetheart. 😉