Friday, Aug 25, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Happy Brthday

Happy Birthday Heidi!

The big event this week was Heidi’s birthday! This is the second birthday she has celebrated in Ecuador. Last year we were in Banos checking out the zip lines and canyoneering. This birthday was a little more sedate. It included a great birthday dinner at the Lido Beach Grill in Montanita with a few fun friends.

If you ask me, my wife is as beautiful as the day I married her. I can still get lost in those gorgeous brown eyes of hers.

Happy Birthday

Heidi’s Birthday Dinner

Cake and Coffee

Our friend Soraya (sitting next to Heidi above) made a fantastic chocolate birthday cake topped with white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries. It not only looked fantastic it was probably the best tasting cake I have had since moving to Ecuador.

Happy Birthday

Heidi’s Birthday Cake

Soraya has a coffee and dessert shop located in Montanita next to Hola Ola and across from the Tambo restaurants. Not only are her desserts fantastic, she serves the best cappuccino on the coast!

Best Coffee in Montanita and Beyond!

Heidi’s friend, Teresa, invited her for a special desert at a new restaurant in Olon the next day.

Walks on the Beach

Heidi and I have made it a point to get out on the beach every day and take some long walks. The weather is still overcast but every now and then the sun pokes through. On our walk into Olon the other day, the sun broke through the clouds when we were visiting friends. I went out on the balcony to get a pic because, well, I am so happy when the sun comes out…but you guys know that ad nauseam. 😉

Let It Shine!

I also passed this very large starfish on the same walk. It was about one foot across and still alive, so I helped it get deeper into the surf. I suspect though it was at the end of its life cycle.

Amazing Starfish

Olon Orphange Project

Beach Rock Photo Holder

Heidi and Teresa have been helping the kids at the orphanage make a picture holder. The kids have been painting beach rocks, wrapping them in wire, and making inspirational sayings that will be next to their photo. Erwin will make sure each kid has their own personalized photo for their picture holder.

Olon Orphanage Art Project

My Favorite Musical Duo

It has been a nice week for us living in Ecuador. It makes it even nicer when I get to hear my favorite musical duo play during the week. Here are a few seconds for you to enjoy as well.