Friday, Jul 29, 2016

Across the street from us they continue to construct a park. It’s been going on for two months now, and will probably be another few months before it is finished. This morning it is raining and I’m watching one of the workers watering a section of the lawn.

It made me chuckle because as it is pouring rain, he continues to use the hose and water the ground with full force. Some people are very committed to their job. 20160729_072023

Don and Donna, and Doug (Donna’s brother) arrived today. Monte went crazy seeing them! It was great to see Monte so happy. Heidi and I were happy to see our friends too. We spent the afternoon and evening getting caught up on what each other has been doing since the earthquake. Doug has been in Bahia the entire time and told us what buildings have come down, and what the plans are for different parts of the city.

We kicked on the heater in our apartment and tried to keep our guests warm. There is only so much heat it throws off so jackets and blankets needed to be deployed. The scene looked quite a bit different from the last time we were all together sweating on the front porch of the farm outside of Bahia.

Looking forward to a couple of days enjoying Cuenca with our friends from the coast.