Wednesday, Mar 29, 2016

I have had a good day today. I woke up and read for a bit before heading to work-out. It was sooooo humid and hot but eventually it was over. I survived, and it felt good putting forth the effort to do it.

Our power never went off today! We thought it might be off for a while again because of the construction, but it stayed on the whole time. This also meant our AC stayed on, the water stayed on because the pump had electricity, and the elevator worked, so no huffing up 5 flights of stairs in the dark. As I said, it was a great day.

I have been working on getting my men’s life coaching practice back up and running. It will be a bit before I am ready to jump back into it, but it feels good being back in that conversation again. I am also looking at making some videos that would help someone be coached without having it done live. Lots of things in the works!

Today I decided I had to get out on the beach! There is a stretch of beach that I love to walk on when the tide is out. Sometimes gringos have been mugged there, so that is my hesitation going there more often. It’s fairly desolate but the beach is beautiful and stretches on for miles. I went walking with no watch, rings, money, or even a shirt…just my board shorts. I figured I would look like slim pickin’s for any banditos. 😉

I love walking in the sand with shells and rocks scattered about. The sand meets a flat, smooth, volcanic type rock that jets out into the ocean. When the tide pulls out I can walk on this too and look at all the interesting shells, corral, and rocks that get trapped in the crevices. The breeze was blowing, the surf was quietly crashing at the outer edge of the rock and it was heaven.

I made a mental note that I have to get my bare feet into the sand along the ocean more often. It is a zen place for me that gives me strength, insight, and peace. Just like anything that is right in front of you, sometimes it is easy to stop seeing it.

What or who are you not seeing lately?

When I got back to the condo, Heidi was beginning her Spanish lessons, so I headed over to H Bar. My Spanish teachers are with Easton in Cuenca so I got to play hooky today!

I did practice my Spanish at H bar though…”una mas cerveza por favor” 🙂

Yesterday I was watching some men “cut the grass” at the park in front of our condo. 20160329_102732 It is all done with a machete, one chop at a time. Where is the gas powered weed wacker? Two men were at it for hours. 20160329_102625

Last night it rained and I couldn’t believe how fast the grass grew. When they are finished using the machete it is basically just dirt. 20160330_172115 After one night of rain and the better part of today, the grass is already growing. 20160330_171626 Crazy!


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