Friday, Jul 19, 2019

Two Suitcases

I have been spending time this week trying to figure out how I am going to get myself down to two suitcases in anticipation of my move to Colombia. Originally I thought I would take three suitcases, but do you know that the 3rd suitcase is $180 on Avianca? So the question becomes, what could I possibly put in a 3rd suitcase that would total more than $180? Since I decided to bury all my Ecuadorian gold and treasure here, I can’t seem to justify it. 😉

The next challenge is how to get rid of my stuff. Some of the bigger things I can advertise on email lists and FB groups, but even that is spotty. It’s not like in the US where so many people want to look for, find, and buy other people’s junk.  Still there is more hope getting rid of the bookshelves, desk and chair, kitchen island, and a bed than the miscellaneous dinnerware, kitchen utensils, linens, baskets, bowls, and what-not. And, what do you do with the stuff in “the junk drawer”? Lol. I wonder if a junk drawer is a universal human phenomenon?

Convenience Creates Stuff

Don’t get the wrong impression, I don’t have a lot of stuff, but I do have things that make daily living more convenient. A strainer for spaghetti, over-the-door hooks for towels, a small stool here, an end table there. You know, things to set a drink on while you watch TV. How about those shower caddies? Stuff!

I still have most of the 12 suitcases when the three of us arrived in Ecuador. No one wants them, so what do you do? I think I have a couple of options. The first is to try and find people that could use them, and basically, give them away. Even that seems to be difficult with my couple attempts so far.

Yesterday I was walking in the square in Olon and I think I might have found an outlet for them. The Ecuadorians here periodically show up in the square hauling suitcases filled with clothes. Sometimes they pile it all on a table, but more often it is a pile of clothes on the cement. Compared to their suitcases, I have some kick ass ones that I think could double their movable inventory, and hopefully their income. 🙂 What do you think?

Of course the other option, and maybe more fun to watch, is to line all my suitcases up along the main road in front of my house, and watch who stops and hauls them away. I could make an afternoon of it, sitting in my chair at the open gate, drinking a cerveza, and cheering them on. 😉

I have to admit this process of getting rid of everything is creating a little stress for me because I can’t stand the idea of having to buy anything to put my living situation back in order. Maybe this will be a real opportunity to see exactly what I can do without, still function, and be happy.

Sons Arrive

My sons are visiting next week! They talked me into doing a last minute trip to the Galapagos. At first my OCD kicked in and I thought, no time to plan, no time to do it right. Big risk of spending a lot of money for less than a stellar experience. Then I thought, what the helI! I will be with my sons, and it sounds like a perfect adventure for the three of us to figure out together. I love my boys. Good men who are good for me.

Not too much else happening. We did have one really great sunny day this week. Man I’ll take it! Check this view out at my friend’s house.