Friday, Jul 12, 2019

Mucho Mejor

I’m happy to say that I am definitely on the mend. I have felt so much better this week than last. This experience has given me a new appreciation for people with chronic pain who deal with pain issues on a daily basis. It also makes me realize how lucky I am that my usual norm is set at “healthy”.

Colombia Booked

I purchased my ticket for Colombia this week. I leave Ecuador August 31st to live in Medellin. Between now and then I have some work to do to get it down to 2 suitcases. Uuugh. I enjoy minimalism, just not the process of getting there. In reality this process should not be a big deal.

Lately I have been starring out at the ocean from my place. I try to imagine not having this view any longer. It is one I have grown to love. Sometimes I panic a bit and think what the hell am I doing? Then I remember that Colombia is just another experience, and most likely it will be a good one based on my trip there earlier this year. Tranquilo Todd. Just breathe. 🙂

Weather Report

This week’s weather has sucked bad. The clouds have been heavy and the rain has been frequent. The temperature feels cold to me as well…72 degrees. Brrrrrr. I have to say though, this winter season has been the best of the three so far. Each year the amount of rain has been less, and the random days of sunshine has been more.

San Jose and Olon definitely sit in a micro-climate from Puerto Lopez to Ayungue. I think the best option for those who need sunshine (like me) is to plan some trips out of here between June and November. Find your sunshine man!

Enjoy your weekend!