Friday, Jul 22, 2016

I had my friend Sergio help me pick up and transport a queen sized bed I bought for my son Chase. I got it from some Canadians who have been here for a year with their teenage children. The oldest is starting his senior year in high school so they are going back for him to graduate with his friends. These guys sound like pretty awesome parents. I am always impressed with parents who try to give their kids experiences that broaden awareness of the world they live in.

Sergio and I needed to carry the bed down three flights of stairs and then back up three flights into my place. This is the first time I have really exerted myself since being in Cuenca, and I was huffing and puffing for air. I am hoping that it is because of the altitude and not because I have lost all my physical gains when I was on the coast. But who am I kidding? I haven’t been exercising so it is a combo of both.

It is cloudy and cold outside today. Although this type of weather decreases my motivation to go out, Heidi and I made ourselves get out and walk to Corral, an Ecuadorian version of Target I guess. It is a busy store, and today we found out they have a discount card, so we signed up for one. I’m not sure why it took us so long to figure this out, but now we can get our 3% discount…and still have the privilege to pay the 14% government tax on purchases. I’m not sure that encourages spending.

I really enjoy walking in Ecuador. It is an opportunity to be out with locals, see the neighborhoods, and stumble upon new and interesting things. I also feel safe. There is a lot of talk about gringos being robbed here, and it does happen without a doubt,  but I have never felt in danger or vulnerable when I have been out walking. And really, in big cities especially, whether here or at home robberies unfortunately happen. It is a sad reality we live with.

IMG-20160722-WA0003Chase, Easton, and their friends are enjoying Rio. I guess it is cold, or at least cool there too. Personally, I’m craving sunshine. Maybe tomorrow.