Wednesday, Nov 23, 2016

Our water went off sometime in the night and didn’t come back on until around 8 am. I think this is the third or fourth time it’s happened since we have lived at this location. I have no idea why it does this. Lately though, like the last two weeks, it makes me wonder if we will just run out of water altogether. The water level in the rivers is so low right now.

For those who have lived here a long time, we hear them say never have they seen the rivers this low.

Tomebamba river (courtesy John McGee)

Tomebamba river (courtesy John McGee)

There is more water in the Yanuncay river across from us than the Tomebamba river running along El Centro, but one can easily walk across either without getting wet.

One of the guys I’ve met here in Cuenca posted a pic of the Tomebamba today. This is the same river where a couple of people drowned, and I’m not sure were ever found, shortly after we moved here in May. Remember my pics of indigenous people doing their laundry in this fast moving river? That ain’t happenin’.

I have been busy today! I’m so not used to it. I had two coaching clients I met with via Skype in the morning. One was in Singapore and the other in Israel. I love and appreciate the internet. It allows me to do what I love and be wherever I want to be while doing it. I’m living in my passion helping men create the lives they truly want to be living.

I went for a run today after my calls and I felt like my breathing went better. I’m still very winded but I was able to adjust my pace and keep going without stopping…to the endpoint of my run down river. On the run back I do stop and walk but it is less frequent and for shorter periods of time. Frankly, I don’t think I was built to run at 8,300 feet. I hear the coast calling me home. 😉

Heidi and I introduced Michelle to Feria Libre today. It is Wednesday and it’s full on market chaos today. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes before you can even get close to the fruits and vegetables, meat, and fish. We wandered into the honeycomb-like displays of shoes, maternity clothes, men’s jeans, women’s tops, kids shoes, sexy underwear, granny underwear, whatever it is…if you want to wear it you can find it here.

Michelle found some pants she wanted about 20 feet into this maze. She is done. Thank goodness, now we can make our way out of this fabric jungle. I took Michelle to the meat section, and by the smell she could tell we were here before she actually saw it. Tocino, molida, pollo. We’re done.

The fruits and vegetables took more time but even so, we are getting better. I have grown weary of “looking” at everything first and then buying one item here, another there, a third across the way. I pick vendors based on how many items on my list I can see they have. Pick it, get it, done.

On our way out of the market there was a girl, maybe 4 or 5, who was fast asleep in a cardboard box behind the fruits and vegetables her mom was selling. The little girl’s legs both hung loosely over one end, her head upright and supported by the other end, with her chin touching her chest and the rest of her body melded into the box. I wanted to take a picture but…really awkward right? It would have been a great pic though.

We didn’t get bananas at the market so when we got home I walked over to Banana Lady. As usual I was greeted with a big smile and she asked my where my wife was? Heidi hasn’t been by in the last couple of visits and I guess she was just checking to make sure all was well. Guess Heidi gets to do the next run. 😉

Time for wine and some relaxation. Two very important things to enjoy while living in South America…especially after a busy day. 🙂