Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016

My house is very cold this morning. The sun is shining outside but it must be in the 50s in here. The sky was cloudless last night, which is unusual for Cuenca, so any heat from yesterday dissipated away into the open night sky. I got cold during the night too which hasn’t happened in a while. Usually my three alpaca blankets keep me plenty warm.

We are meeting Aurobindo for lunch on Remigio Crespo. The three of us were waiting at our bus stop, and within a couple of minutes the #17 was turning onto Primero De Mayo headed our way. We were all looking at the change in our hands trying to make the correct amount for bus fare for the three of us, when the bus went zooming right by us. WTF? None of us had extended our arm out and made the up and down wave motion that signaled for the bus to stop…and it didn’t.

Fortunately it was only about five minutes and we were able to get on the #7 bus. Instead of getting off this bus at the corner of 12 de Abril and Solano like we usually do, we decided to stay on it a little longer to get us closer to Remigio Crespo. This was not the best call.

There was only one stop more on Solano before it turned and headed east, away from where we wanted to go. We didn’t know this was the last stop on Solano, and by the time we discussed whether we should get off here or not, the doors closed. We got off at the next stop, Parque de Madre, which meant a long walk back to Remigio Crespo, as long of a walk as it would have been from where we normally get off.

None of this matters except that we are late. In my mind I think it will take 20 minutes to get us where we want to be when we take the bus, but the reality is it can be twice that. Depending on how busy the bus is with people getting on and off, and how much traffic there is, getting into town can easily turn into a 45 minute process. I need to remember that.

I enjoyed lunch with Auro. He is a pleasant guy and has interesting things to talk about. He has just returned from a weekend Buddhist meditation retreat. It was targeted to people in their twenties, so Auro told us he was the oldest participant there. The purpose of the retreat is to find peace through meditation, and teach the younger generation how they can share this with the world. Sounds cool to me.

Late this afternoon I was able to meet George Forgues who writes the blog Ecuador George. He lives on the same street as me, only towards the other end. After almost 3 years in Ecuador, George is moving back to the states. I started reading his blog before I moved here myself. I like his writing style; it’s authentic and humorous. His blog has a lot of great information about living in Ecuador too. I have a link to it on the right side of my site whenever you want to check it out.

Boys will be boys

Boys will be boys

It has been a gorgeous sunny day. On my walk along the river I passed some kids playing on the hill. Remember using large pieces of cardboard as sleds on a grass hill? Some things are just so universal.

I stopped and watched these boys slide down the hill, then carry the large cardboard back to the top and to do it again. I also noticed the large rocks protruding from the hill on their way down. I know they totally expect to just fly over them and never hit their heads on them, at least that is how I remember doing it.