Monday, Nov 21, 2016

The sun is out and Michelle, Heidi, and I decided to walk to Mall del Rio. It is at least a 30 minute walk from our house and it would provide Michelle more opportunity to see the area we live in. As we cut through the neighborhood right behind us we passed a woman, obviously from North America, and we stopped to chat.

Her name is Kathleen and she has lived in Ecuador for 5 years. She is an “old timer” by my anecdotal standards. I rarely meet people who have been here at the 5 year mark. Usually family or other destinations has called people away.

We told Kathleen where we live and she said I know exactly where you live. “I see you doing dishes.” This made me laugh. We live on the third floor, which is the top floor, of a big house on the corner next to a park. Our kitchen faces the park, and the entire half wall above the sink and counter-tops is a window. There are no window coverings. It does seem like we are at the sink doing dishes often. I think Kathleen just confirmed this for me. 😉

Our way to Mall del Rio took us down Don Bosco, and this street has many restaurants with the fully cooked pig on a spit out front. We stopped for lunch at one of these places and asked about the Cuy (guinea pig). It is only served as a whole Cuy ($15) which was more than Michelle and I could eat (Heidi is out on this one), so we all ordered a pork dish.

This is the third restaurant I have eaten at on Don Bosco that has the full pig in front. Once again the pork is tough, hard to chew, and left my teeth aching when I was finished. This is such a contrast to the tender cooked pork, from a full pig, I have had in Gualaceo. I’m done with these type of restaurants on Don Bosco.  They make me feel like this street mural I passed.

Mural on our walk to Mall del Rio

Mural on our walk to Mall del Rio

When we arrived at Mall del Rio Michelle looked for some tank tops for her to wear when she goes to the coast. She and Heidi looked in some stores and found what Michelle was after. I wandered around in the men’s clothes area in a couple of these stores and I saw some shirts that were nice, but I have absolutely no desire to buy anything. It’s weird. I like the shirts I have, although they are starting to show wear. I hope this feeling passes by the time my current clothes just fall apart in shreds.

I didn’t however have any problem buying an ice cream cone at Tutti Freddo in the mall. Ecuadorians love their ice cream, and I am standing in line right here with them. When we finished our cones and wandered around a bit more, we jumped on the number seven bus and it dropped us off almost in front of our house.

Time to cook dinner…and then wash the dishes. 😉