Friday, May 4, 2018

Beach Finds

I came across a Spotted Eagle Ray on the beach this week. It was beautiful to look at, and sad that it was dead. I wondered if it had gotten caught in a fisherman’s net? Around the same area on the shore were many picked apart fish from the birds, indicating the fisherman unloaded their nets here. The Spotted Eagle Ray has a venomous barbed stinger on the end of its tail. I did not know this…glad I didn’t try to pick it up by its tail!

Speaking of spotted, this spotted Great Dane was taking his boy for a walk on the beach. 🙂

Keep up boy!

Sunset on “Russia”

I was in Olon visiting with some friends at a place we affectionately call the Kremlin…it’s owned by a couple from Russia. Its real name is Mi Cotinga and it has some the best food in the area as well as icy cold artisanal draft beers. As the sun was setting I was out front talking with some friends and this is what I saw when I looked west toward the beach. Spectacular even without the sun itself in the pic.

Sunset On The Streets Of Olon

Bahia de Caraquez

I traveled to Bahia on Thursday to watch Monte; the same dog that lived with us in Cuenca for a few months after the earthquake. Monte and I are good friends. He is a chill companion to have while my friends, Don and Donna and their son, visit the Galapagos. It is interesting to be back in Bahia, and will be more interesting living here for the next 10 days.

I still like this place. Lots of good memories here. It is the place where my journey in Ecuador began, and for that it will always be special. Ultimately it is a place I came to witness the fragility of life and the speed of loss.

This place, where friendships were forged and unforeseen events tightly bonded them, has bonded me to it as well. It is a place that continues to visit me, and like an old friend, we understand each other without ever having to say a word.