Sunday, June 12, 2016

It has been raining here a lot lately. Supposedly the wet season is over but it rains every day. I’m not sure what constitutes “wet” season.  This is what I woke up to.

This morning it is cold in the apartment. Brrrrr. Since homes here do not have heat I think we will have to invest in a space heater of some sort.

20160612_113737Heidi and Easton made breakfast, a delicious mix of yucca, onion, and bacon topped with a fried egg. It’s so cold in the house you can see the steam rise off the plate. Fortunately breakfast was not only hot, it tasted great too.

Linsley is going to be staying at our place for a couple of days. Her friend Annelise heads back to Quito tonight. Maybe I can talk Linsley into making some of her famous Oatmeal Banana pancakes that I always ordered at Fika’s. 😉

We met up with Linsley and Annelise for coffee this afternoon. More great conversation! It is fun for me to listen to the perspectives of people who are not from the United States. It is an education in politics, economics, and the human condition from an entirely different insight.

Here’s to learning and new insights.