Monday, June 13, 2016

Yanuncay river running full

Yanuncay river running full

It is pouring rain today and cold. The river is running rapid and full as the runners run right by. Say that fast 10 times in a row. The temperature says it is 55 degrees, AND that is what the temperature is in the house. I’m not sure why Ecuadorians believe they do not need heating in their homes.

Linsley is staying with us for a couple of days, and she and Easton are supposed to go to Caja National Park this morning. It is raining, cold, damp, and wet. I think they are nuts, but that’s what 25+ years difference gets you…no fear of the cold. Heidi and I are staying home and waiting for the internet to be installed.

The coldest months in Cuenca are July and August, so we haven’t hit the lowest temperatures yet. It will never snow here, just be cold enough that long sleeves and jackets are required…but no one told me that was the appropriate dress INSIDE.

Tomorrow we may go on the hunt for a propane heater. You know the ones people have on their patios? Well, one like that but smaller that we can fire up inside our living room. Electric space heaters are available here, but I am afraid they will send the electric bill through the roof. I was told a story of an expat who had one in each room and kept them running; her electric bill was over $500 for the month. Yikes.

It has been pouring rain all day. Heidi and I have been bundled up and under a blanket watching TV while we wait for the internet installers to show up. I’ve tried calling again to find out when they are coming but no one answers. I left a text message with our realtor asking her to find out. Nothing back yet.

Easton and Linsley are on their way back from the Caja’s. Easton text us and said it was sunshine and blue skies up there. Maybe I should have gone with them since Heidi and I have been in a rain cloud all day long.

When Linsley and Easton came walking through our door, Linsley’s pants were muddy up to her knees. I guess Easton was kidding us about the sunshine. It rained most of the time and was muddy. Linsley stepped into one place where she sunk up to mid calf in mud and couldn’t move. Easton had to pull her free. Huh, sounds like a lot of fun.

There is a lodge in the park and they cook fresh caught trout from the lakes there, so the two of them did have that for lunch. Right now we are ordering pizza, wings, bread knots, and salad from Fabrizio’s for dinner. It is so great that they deliver and we don’t have to go out in the rain.

Delivery is done by men driving motorcycles. They have a big wooden box on the back of their bike where they put your order. The box isn’t insulated in any way other than what the wood provides. So sometimes the food isn’t very hot, but hey, I can stay dry.

The internet people never showed up. I did get a call from our realtor who said she talked to them and they came out to verify the connections were in place for our building, and then they got approval to connect our unit to it. Tomorrow by 10 am they are supposed to be here to connect us.

There is an interesting cultural phenomenon that happens in Ecuador. People make up stories, or lie, in order to avoid confrontation or conflict. This is what I have been told by expats who have lived here a long time. I don’t absolutely know if it is true, but I suspect it is. My gut tells me that no one from the internet company did anything today to get us connected, and if the story told me by my realtor is true, the company is incredibly inefficient.

Hopefully we will be able to enjoy some sunshine tomorrow…and internet.