Friday, Dec 29, 2017

Holiday Week

What a great holiday week this has been! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were pretty fantastic for us here living in Ecuador. On Christmas Eve day, Heidi gave Michelle several bags of Ric Rock Roe games to pass out to the kids in the beach community where Michelle lives. Chase and Easton went with her. Within minutes after they arrived, mothers were calling their children to come see what the 3 gringos were passing out.

What was especially cool was that Michelle and our boys played the tic tac toe game with the local kids. It seems every kid wanted a turn to play with Michelle. She must be a Tic Tack Toe Pied Piper. 🙂


Christmas Eve

Later in the evening we all went to the Lido restaurant in Montanita (located at the Kundalini hotel) and enjoyed a fantastic steak dinner on the beach. The staff was especially festive and brought us delicious cheese cake for a complimentary dessert.


Christmas Day

Christmas day was fantastic. The sun was out in all its Christmas cheer. We hung close to home. Michelle came over in the early afternoon, and we all spent a couple of hours sitting on the beach in front of our house.

The beach chairs were comfortable, our beach umbrella provided just the right amount of shade, and our cooler kept the beer icy cold. The Christmas tunes were playing and we just enjoyed the best of this Ecuadorian coast.

Games We Play

Ten Thousand

Later we played games. This included a dice game that we have been playing since first moving to Ecuador. This game belonged to our friends Roy and Melody before they gifted it to us as they left Ecuador. Last Christmas we were with them, and our friends Don and Donna, when we spent Christmas in Bahia.

This game has a history with all of us. It is a touch point of good memories and happy feelings.  So it seemed appropriate that today, on Christmas, we all play the dice game. Heidi was the big winner by the way. All in all it was a pretty awesome day.

Gorgeous Sunsets

The sunsets have been insanely beautiful this week. My camera does not come close to catching the stunning visual display of color and hue we get to enjoy each evening.


And of course people weren’t the only ones being festive this week. I saw this dog in Montanita spreading the holiday cheer. Hope your week was great. Happy New Year!