Friday, Nov 3, 2017

Beat Goes On

Nothing much new to report this week, just rock’n Olon . My days have an easy rhythm to them. I try to get out as much as I can, and some days the rain gets in the way of me doing that. On one of the days I was out and about, I got to enjoy a local school’s marching band play through the streets of Olon. I thought they were quite impressive for young kids in this dusty little town on the coast. What do you think?

Future Musicians of Ecuador

Rock’n Olon

Rock'n Olon

Display for Rock’n Olon

Rock'n Olon

Rock’n Olon Gift Rocks

Heidi was able to get a display made she designed for the Rock’n Olon project to support the Olon Orphanage and other charities here.

These unique gift rocks can be purchased at Bohemia, a gift boutique, in Olon. Make sure you get your lil’ piece of Ecuador Olon before they sell out!

Rock'n Olon

Andrea (artist), Scarlett (biz owner, Bohemia), Heidi (designer, artist)

Step by Step

Watching Carpenter Finish the Job

It is really incredible the steps required to get something like this made here.

Step 1: Ask locals where to find a good carpenter.

Step 2: Find someone to help translate when talking with said carpenter. (Many thanks to our friend Soraya!)

Step 3: Explain the design, what is needed, how you want it to look via 3 way conversation.

Step 4: Find the local sheet metal guy in town to cut a needed piece of metal (repeat steps 1, 2 and 3).  He has been drinking, so the finished product doesn’t quite have straight edges. In defense of sheet metal guy, it is a big holiday here.

Step 5: Since cement is needed for the base of the display, find cement. (Carpenter has wood, not cement.)

Step 6: Go to local “hardware store”. No cement. Get referred to a Tienda at other end of town that handles cement. Find said place. Pay for cement bag.

Step 7: Find someone to move said cement bag via a tricicle (pedal bike with a makeshift transport platform) to the carpenter.

Step 8: Transport finished display to the gift boutique it will be used in. Damn, no tricicle available. Three men carry it the four blocks through town to said store. Locals and expats alike comment on these guys along the way. 😉

Larry, Moe, and Curly

These steps don’t include what Heidi had to do to find the wood to make and hand paint her signs that the carpenter attached to the frame of the display, or where she had to go to find the pot. Bottom line, this ain’t a Home Depot experience baby! The finished product did however turn out fantastic in only the way my wife Heidi can create something.