Friday, Apr 27, 2018

Friends Old and New

This week has gone by fast. It seems every week here goes by fast; especially now, in the midst of the best weather on the coast! The beach and I have become comfortable old friends. Speaking of friends, I met up with some this week.

I have been active in a worldwide men’s organization called the Mankind Project for many years now. Basically it’s a place where men can figure out a way to let their brilliance shine by facing their shadows that tend to keep that brilliance in the dark. It’s also a place that supports a man’s continued work to bring to the world his very best. Pretty cool really.

friendsOne of these men who share my same experience in this organization is Rick, who lives in Quito. He was visiting Puerto Lopez this week and gave me a shout. I convinced him to come to Olon and check out our beaches here. They are in my opinion the best anywhere from what I’ve seen of coastal Ecuador. Anyway, I was finally able to put a real person to the Facebook profile.

I also tried a new place to eat in Montanita that Rick was curious to check out. It’s a vegetarian restaurant just a couple of doors down from Cruz Azul. I was pleasantly surprised how flavorful the food was. I didn’t know a quinoa burger could taste so good. 🙂

Up, Up, and Away

When we were in Montanita I caught this running take-off from the beach of some guy going parasailing. I thought it looked cool.

I also caught this pic at sunset of another person parasailing over the fire orb.

friendsBallenita Bliss

I have a friend, Kristine, who I met when she arrived in Ecuador. Originally she was in Montanita for about a month, then she moved to Ballenita. I told her about teaching online English for VIPKID, so being the good sport that she is, she hired on. Ever since we have traded crazy teacher stories.

I had lunch at Kristine’s this week, and man did she score with a great place right on the ocean. This was my first time in Ballenita and I can see why it appeals to people. It’s a quiet little community just north of Libertad that hugs the rocky shore line of the Pacific.

Kristine was nice enough to make us lunch and I got to enjoy eating it on her terrace as we listened to the ocean waves lap against the break wall. There is nothing like eating a good meal over pleasant conversation, while looking out over a sparkling blue ocean that’s sending a cool breeze your way. Thanks Kristine for a great meal!

Tres Hombres

I also went to Salinas this week to listen to a lecture on the History and Culture of Ecuador. I went with my friend Mark and a new guy I met, Todd. Obviously with a name like Todd he must be an ok dude. Turns out he was, and the three of us headed south to try to get educated about the country we have chosen to live in. What is the saying about old dogs? 😉

The lecture was informative, and I did learn interesting things about the people who were responsible for establishing this country in the 19th and 20th centuries. There was a lot going on as this small country was trying to get on the map. Why is it that treachery and back stabbing always seem to be present in the history of a nation regardless of which one it is?

I would have liked more handouts that highlighted the plethora of information we were given. It was a lot of info packed into 5 hours of lecture, and frankly when my butt goes sore, my brain no longer can store. 🙂

Sunsets Continue

The sunsets continue to be amazing. Here are two for you to enjoy.

All Eyes Sunward

Family Time