Friday, Apr 20, 2018

Dog Time

My dog sitting adventure ended today. I’m back in mi casa and beach life in San Jose. The dogs I watched were very excited to see their people return. They are great dogs. Just take a look at this pic and tell me how you couldn’t help but love them.  Of course like children, sometimes they are easier to love when sleeping. 😉

Welcome Back

I found a desiccated gecko on my tile floor in the living room upon my return home. Guess he missed me while I was gone these last 10 days and just gave up. 😉 I have noticed how comfortable I am in this space living the beach life. It is totally too much home for only me, but until I leave for smaller quarters I am going to enjoy the heck out of it. I can hear and see the ocean now as I am writing this. It is an incredible life I am experiencing here in Ecuador. What a blessing to be enjoyed.

Montanita Tides

I want to share some video I took in Montanita on the beach at the point. The weather continues to just be incredible and I can’t get enough of this beach life.

Outdoor Office Space

I love the scenes I come upon when I make my almost daily trek on the beach between San Jose and Olon. A fisherman’s life is not for me, but I think they have the best office space around.

Nice Times

I had a great evening with my friends Mark and Jeri this week. What a gorgeous view they have of the ocean too! In my opinion their home captures the best “living spaces” for total enjoyment of beach front living.

It was a great evening…delicious food, good wine, and a lesson and taste testing of various scotch. Mark is a connoisseur, and shared with me his knowledge and passion around a good scotch. Unfortunately all that “learning” left my head aching in the morning. 😉

It’s been a nice week. I’ll say good evening with a couple sunset pics.

beach life ecuador

beach life ecuador