Thursday, Apr 28, 2016

We are in Cuenca. I’m waking up in a bed at the Otorongo Apts. The air in the room is cool, on the edge of cold.

I feel chilled and exhausted. I just want to sleep.

It’s noon and I’m finally getting out of bed. I can’t believe how drained I am feeling. Maybe everything is all rolling in on me emotionally right now. I know we have to find a place to live, but today I am going to rest. I am going to take whatever time I need to let my body, my mind, and my emotions find a healthy center.

I took a long hot shower. Funny, I haven’t had a truly hot shower the whole time while living in Bahia.  When I finished my shower the bathroom was so steamed up I could barely see. I’m feeling better; this definitely helped.

Sitting in this apartment we have rented for one week, the three of us are searching the online classifieds at various websites, and following up on leads from friends for a place to rent long term here in Cuenca. So far nothing has popped out at us. It will be dark in a couple more hours, so we decided to stop our search and to go out and explore the area around us.

We walked into El Centro 20160428_155556 which took about 10 minutes from where we are staying, taking a look around the area, and trying to get our bearings. We stopped for an almuerzo and a beer. It was a really great price, about $10 bucks for 3 almuerzos, 3 beers, and a bottle of water. 20160428_155426

On the way back home we passed a Tia grocery market so we bought a few things we will need in the week we are at Otorongo.

I’m home and I’m tired. I’m ready for bed. It’s 630 pm.