Thursday, June 16, 2016

Not much happening today. The weather has been the same…let’s move on. 😉

The good thing about not wanting to go outside because of the weather, is that I find time on my computer to explore areas I am interested in. I have been reaching out to different blogs and websites that are focused on living in Ecuador. My hope is that I can get my blog included on their blog rolls and increase my readership.

I’m also seeking opportunities to be published on other sites with articles related to the changes and transformations necessary for a successful transition of “being” in a foreign country. I’m looking to write about our shared concerns, fears, and hopes of living not just in a foreign country, but just living in general. Our shared humanity is greater than our differences. Let’s talk about that.

Right now I have written some info about our move to Ecuador and some of our experience living here which is scheduled to be published June 22nd on I also am hoping to be able to get an article published on, but we will see how that goes. If anyone has ideas I might look into, please don’t be shy about sharing them with me.

I’m not sure where I am headed, but I know I am here. I am focusing on areas that I can build on to move my life in a direction that touches and connects with others. Whether that is learning this new language to connect with the locals, or sharing my thoughts through my blog encouraging readers to step onto their own roads of passion and freedom, or life coaching to help others find their footing for that next step in their journey forward, I am here and this is the road I am travelling.

It feels good.